Where are wildfires burning near you?

The FWAC Wildfire Map tracks every wildfire—big and small—across the western states.
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What sets us apart

Continuous Data

Our servers process data from over 100 sources around the clock, 365 days a year, to provide realtime wildfire and other relevant data for our maps.

Precision Mapping

To make our maps available to everyone for free, we use open source technology to map wildfires. We appreciate donations to help subsidize other costs.


We created the ability for everyone to create an account. Having a member account allows you to save your map settings and following specific wildfires.

Fires are adapting, so are we

Wildfires & Perimeters

Wildfires are grouped into new fires, or active fires. But, we've taken it one step further and grouped various other types of fire data together. This is also where you can enable wildfire perimeters to show on the map.


We've added nearly a dozen weather layers. This includes lightning for the past 24 hours, radar, satellite, weather alerts, and more.

Smoke/Planning Tools

Tracking smoke is easy with NOAA's HRRR smoke modeling data. Overlay other tools like drought conditions, webcams, significant fire potential, wildfire risks to homes, and more.


Merging fire and geographical information systems—several layers are included into our map, such as USFS boundaries and roads, federal lands, dispatch center boundaries, fire lookouts, and more.


Wildfire Hotspots

Wildfires burn around the country all year long. See the current hotspots where fires are burning right now. Click anywhere to track fires.

United States

Our Partner: True North Gear

An important aspect to True North's mission is to offer tools that make the jobs of firefighters more efficient and comfortable. Where FWAC comes in is to provide a wildfire map that delivers real-time critical, and potentially life-saving information to the same firefighters. Working together toward the common goal to help improve the efficiency of our firefighters is where the true strength of the True North-FWAC partnership comes from as they are provided the necessary tools to aid in wildfire mitigation.

Learn more about True North®

About our Non-Profit

The Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center's (FWAC) mission as a non-profit organization is to bring proprietary and user-friendly products, services, and information to the public—with an emphasis on the backcountry. Our core competency lies in wildfire data, information, and mapping services. We were founded in 2017 and was subsequently granted 501(c)(3), federal tax exemption status, from the IRS. Our wildfire map is the only one like it—reporting all wildfires regardless of size so you know what's burning near you. To learn more about FWAC, visit our about page.

We rely heavily on public donations for people like you to keep our services available to everyone for free. Our maps rely on high-end servers to maintain accuracy and real-time information. If you wish to donate, click the button below!

Start Tracking Wildfires

Start tracking wildfires today on desktop, laptop, or mobile. Our map is supported by most modern browsers and on Android & iOS devices.